Sometimes success just happens

I’m not one of those people that trust the universe to do its thing and is patient when it comes to getting results. I want to see my work resulting in something as soon as possible, because that’s how I get a big part of my motivation. I am aware that quite a lot of times you just have to trust the process and keep on working even when nothing happens, but it’s not something I necessarily like.

However, lately I’ve been trying a different approach, at least when it comes to Medium and the views I’m getting on my articles. The short version is this: I’ve been writing for a while now and obviously I’ve been hoping that I would get something for my efforts — views or followers. And although I did get some of those things, it doesn’t compared to what I initially hoped.

This was, of course, a bit demotivating, but being aware of how this all works, I just kept on working. After every article I would check the website multiple times to see how many people interacted with it, how many views I would get, and so on. Being disappointed a few times made me think about whether all this effort is even worth it in the end. If I just write hundreds of articles and no one cares, isn’t that wasted time? Shouldn’t I do something else?

This all resulted in lack of motivation, a bit of stress and frustration. After posting a few articles that received no attention I lost my motivation to write and I spent several days playing video games and watching YouTube videos. Then I would give it another try, get disappointed again and go back to having fun on my computer.

Lately, all that changed a bit. I didn’t receive more attention than usual, but I kind of stopped caring that much. I kept writing articles from time to time, just because I felt like it, and then completely ignored them. I still wanted, internally, to receive some attention, of course, but I didn’t put that much value on the number of views any more. If anyone wanted to read what I wrote, great. If not, well, too bad.

Ironically, this resulted in a few extra views. This is ironic because it happens quite a lot of in life — you can’t get something that you desperately chase, but as soon as you become indifferent, it comes to you. The number of views that I got doesn’t compared with what others get, of course, but it’s better than before. All of a sudden, some people discovered my content.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop caring completely, of course. You might end up ruining any chance of getting some attention. But being obsessed with progress isn’t necessarily good either. It will stress you out and frustrate you whenever things don’t go your way.

Sometimes “success” just happens. Effort and work are the reason behind it, of course, but at times it will come when you least expect it. You can try to influence it, and that might work, but there are moments in which you just have to keep going and wait for something to happen. Basically, trust the process and stop desperately thinking about views and followers. You’ll get them eventually.



I write, mostly to explore and to learn, hoping to become a better person.

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Dorin Stefan

I write, mostly to explore and to learn, hoping to become a better person.